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Personal Portfolio

Here you can see some of my personal work I've done in the past and still doing now. I like to build website for small business and individuals to help them to achieve a strong online visibility.


Clients I've worked for

These are some of the amazing companies
I have had the privilege to have as clients in recent years.

tribal ddb
bae systems
digit london
sapient nitro
dmg media
M&C Saatchi

If you are a digital or marketing agency or you have a business that needs to hire a web developer on a contract base please get in touch.


What I can do

Web Design

I can design and build for you a beautiful website suitable for desktop, tablet and mobile devices, so your audience can find you even when they are on the go.

CMS and e-commerce

I can offer you the flexibility to choose from a light or full CMS. The light CMS will allow to change the existing content, while with the full CMS you can also manage the pages.

Logo and Print

If you need to refresh your brand I can re-style your existing logo or create a new one from scratch for your business, so you can count on a strong and recognizable identity.

Support all the way

I offer free training on how to use the CMS, the website and free 24/7 support for any issue you may have. I can also take care of the domain name and hosting if you need.



Meet me

I'm an enthusiastic web designer and developer with great passion for the latest technologies, creativity and always searching for innovative solutions.

  • Maurizio Liberato
    Maurizio Liberato
    Director, designer, developer and much more...


Say hello!

I like to create things with fun, open-minded people. Feel free to say hello! I'll be in touch as soon as possible.